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Dancing Makes You Smarter!

Dancers learn to be persistent. Practice makes perfect. When you repeat a step, even as a three year old, it teaches your brain to be consistent and to keep trying. Giving up is never an option.

It also teaches HOW TO LEARN. Starting dance at the age of 2 1/2 or 3 is so great for little brains. Part of being smart is being able to listen effectively. When dancers start at a young age, they learn how to listen and follow directions, they also absorb feedback and learn to follow through.

Let’s talk about rhythm!

Neuroscience has found a clear relationship between music and language acquisition. Put simply, learning music in the early years of schooling can help children learn to read.

“What a child has heard in his first six years of life cannot be eradicated later. Thus it is too late to begin teaching at school, because a child stores a mass of musical impressions before school age, and if what is bad predominates, then his fate, as far as music is concerned, has been sealed for a lifetime. –Zoltán Kodály, Children’s Day Speech, 1951

Dance makes brilliant problem solvers. We are always asked to do crazy things in dance class; a perfect tilt, three person lift, hit a little harder and stay together. This of course makes for excellent problem solvers.

The smartest people are also incredibly creative. Dancers who improv, or choreograph, are pushed to explore their creativity from an early age.

Smart people plan ahead and that is a quality every dancer learns. From an early age dancers learn to memorize choreography, how to count a particular beat and learn a tricky turn sequence and this enhances brainpower.

Our dance studio in Lehi, Utah offers dance classes and lessons beginning at at 2 1/2. Don’t wait. Start your dancer early, to help them gain essential life skills.

-Dance Spirit Magazine

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