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Can you list at least five things you are grateful for everyday?

Gratitude is such a simple way to help change our perspective, ESPECIALLY as a dancer. When we express our appreciation and gratitude it unlocks the fullness of life and can turn problems into gifts and failures into success.

If we can learn to be grateful for the things we CAN do, we have a better attitude about learning more. Too often, dancers get caught in the comparison syndrome trap. This is not helpful because we forget too easily how far we have come and concentrate only on what we can’t do.

Repeat five things you are grateful for each day and watch what happens… You just might have an attitude adjustment!

At The Dance Academy in Lehi, Utah we concentrate on each dancer and their personal growth. We celebrate each one as individuals. It takes many different kinds of dancers to make a unique and talented team. Each dancer contributes to the team and that is what makes it so special here at TDA.  We love our dancers and it shows.