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A few things to think about;

Is your dancer tired of starting over each year with beginners? Combo Classes are a great starting point, however, after repeating these for a few years, your dancer might get bored or tired of starting over each year with beginners. Keep in mind, these are OPEN classes and anyone can enroll. We do suggest different classes for different dancers but a lot of the time, what works for schedules might not coincide with the levels of each dancer.

Starting at the age of 4.5 dancers can join our Company Teams, dancing one time per week for 1.5hours. They get to perform at our Winter and Spring Concerts, go to one competition and participate in our ballet production.

When we invest in our children it helps them to feel worthwhile. They want to continually improve because WE believe in them.  An investment made financially, will be well worth it in the long run, because our children will be successful in life.

At The Dance Academy in Lehi, Utah we get asked several times each year about our Company Teams. We have many different Company Teams and Open Dance Classes for children of all ages at our studio near you.

Whether you choose to have your dancer participate in our TDA Company Teams or our Open Classes we are committed to giving our very best to every student.