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If we have learned anything from the challenges of the past couple of years, it’s that you don’t need a big audience, a bright spotlight, or the promise of a prize to reap the amazing rewards of dance. Simply sharing the joy of movement with studio communities, either in person or on a computer screen, can uplift and empower children while also helping them to grow.

That said, nothing beats getting all decked out in amazing dance competition costumes, stepping into the spotlight and putting talent and technique to the test.

Dancing in front of judges might seem intimidating, even a little scary, to young dancers and their parents. However, when approached with a growth mindset, competition is a great way to augment all the other great physical, mental and social benefits of dance.

Why Enroll in Competitive Dancing?

Teaches Resilience

Even the most talented young dancer may make a mistake during a competition. However, learning how to cope with failure will help your child bounce back and continue working towards their dance goals.

Even if they don’t receive the highest score or win the best trophy, their instructors will teach them how to handle disappointments with grace and how to find the positive in any situation.

Provides Exposure

Another reason to enroll in dance competitions is for exposure. Even if your child is a fantastic dancer, they’ll need to be seen if they want to be a professional in the industry. At competitions, they’ll have a chance to meet peers from various backgrounds and with different skillsets. They’ll also have an opportunity to network and build working relationships that benefit their future career.

Develops a Strong Work Ethic

Dancing competitively allows your child to learn how to dedicate themselves to a passion. It also teaches them how to set goals and obtain them.  Accountability, problem-solving, and collaboration are all qualities that can be learned through competitive training.

Although our incredible staff and training facilitate the dancers’ learning experience, children learn their own responsibility and role in achieving success which can give them a sense of independence and maturity. This is key in a child’s development and continuous growth. While experiencing competitive dance, there is also a degree of professionalism absorbed by performers. Young competitors pick up poise and gain the skill of carrying themselves with confidence. These many benefits from competitive dancing stay with dancers for a long time and guide them throughout their lifetime.

Builds Lasting Connections

One of the greatest gifts of competition is that a child can learn critical social skills through interacting with other dancers, while also learning the value of hard work and developing self-esteem and self-efficacy. The social relationships they develop with their team are more than fun; they are important tools that help build confidence and provide a wider network of support.  The friendships they make and the trust they establish builds a bridge to success in many other social activities in their lives

Competing with The Best: What You Can Expect from TDA

It’s no secret that The Dance Academy in Lehi hosts some of the best competitive dance teams. Not only in Utah, but in the nation. While regularly competing in local, state, and national competitions, The Dance Academy wins; a lot. Let’s face it, dancing competitively can be tough. That’s why the gifted and credentialed instructors and choreographers at The Dance Academy work vigorously to encourage dances to enjoy competition, regardless of the outcome. While it is no question that competitive dance can be rigorous, we focus heavily on developing a health balance of dance and free time. Many studios overwork their dancers, which undoubtedly leads to burnout. Our approach is unique and actually encourages our dancers to enjoy more free time at home. Time and time again, we have seen this balanced approach lead to faster growth compared to dancers who are spending too much time in the studio.

Competing For The Best: What We Expect from our Dancers

Yes, competitive dancing is fun and exhilarating, but there is a level of dedication required. Dancers for our competitive teams will be dancing for more hours a week than students in our open classes. We expect hard work, great attitudes, and a teamwork mindset.

Getting Started

To become a part of our elite competitive teams, we recommend starting out with our dedicated open and combo classes. Theses are great starters to learn the basics of dance and build strong fundamentals. We periodically hold tryouts for various competitive teams- which covers a range of ages and skill levels. Learn more on how to be a part of Utah’s best competitive dance teams.